Who do you think you are?


Do you know your family history? Would you like to trace your ancestors, find out more about where you come from and your famous distant relatives? Or are there skeletons in the family cupboard you don’t want rattled too much?

Genealogy isn’t a new fad. The Bible is full of lists of families. Fathers having sons, who become fathers themselves. 

Jesus’ family tree is unusual....




Welcome to Church of the Martyrs

Welcome to the Church of the Martyrs website, we’re very pleased you found us.

We are a vibrant community with many different interests which we hope to reflect here so that you will get to know us through browsing these pages.

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Martyrs Community Hall

hall1The Church of the Martyrs Community Hall is available for community and private groups to use 7 days a week.

We can offer a variety of spaces suitable for 10 – 220 people for single, short term or long term bookings. Our location in the West End of Leicester makes us ideal as a venue for the community around the Narborough and Hinckley Roads.

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Christmas Magazine


Tomatoes LOCAL


Saturday mornings 9.30am to midday. Join us for a cooked breakfast 

December 5th
December 19th with Brass Ensemble playing Christmas Carols
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