• Encountering God

    We try to help people get to know and love God
We are a diverse group of people who seek to follow Jesus, because we’ve found him to be the way to a fulfilled life. We want to be open about how fantastic that is; but we also want to be honest that there’s also so much in life that we’re still trying to figure out.

Have you ever wondered what it means to become a Christian?

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  • It was wonderful celebrating SISTERSHOOD over breakfast and sharing stories.

    Shobha Gosa


  • Joining the wave of light as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week. ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted’ Matthew 5:4


    Baby Loss Remembrance Service

  • 260 bananas! All ready for us to talk about the importance of sharing with the children from Shaftesbury Junior School today!

    Children & Families Team

    School Assembly

  • wonderful evening welcoming newly arrived international students over a meal. Thanks to MYA team, Friends International &DMUChristianUnion.

    Shobha Gosa

    International Student Welcome Gala

  • Getting ready to celebrate everything we’ve shared at holiday club with super-hero songs, giant bubbles, rocket launches & ice-cream!


    Holiday Club Celebration Service

    1.  One of our eco church projects: our new insect hotel! All creepy crawlies are welcome & will be made to feel snug as a bug!

    Social Team

    Saturday Cafe – August

  • My experience was a lovely one. Spending time with the church family (on the Church Holiday) and getting to know each other was a good and rewarding experience


    At the Golf course

  • A great day out with amazing views. Making friends, losing our way and finding it again.


    Church Holiday

  • So much fun and friendships formed.

    Kim Burley jones

    Church holiday

  • Food, friends and faith may be the best ingredients for a memorable holiday gathering. Celebrating diversity of taste (international snack)


    Church Holiday

  • Brilliant fun and it was great spending time with Martyrs’ church family.
    Some hilarious games -this is Bertin, in cereal.


    Martyrs Church Holiday

  • I’m so blessed to be a part of this trip. I love the way they treated plp from different nations and these days will be cherished for sure😍


    Summer vacation at cefn lea

  • What a marvellous five days getting to know the church family better. The mountainous. Scenery was so impressive.


    Church holiday

  • An amazing five days spent getting to know church family better on the Martyrs Church Holiday! Thank you all for coming !

    Liz L

    Martyrs Church Holiday

  • We had a lovely morning with our toddlers, sharing the story of how God saved Paul from a shipwreck, floating boats & generally getting wet!

    Shake Team

    Shake, Rattle & Roll

  • Thinking about how we can reuse, reduce and recycle with a clothing swish. Just part of our plans to be more eco minded as a church!


    Clothing swish – June cafe

  • We had wonderful time getting to know various ministries of the Church. It’s amazing to see the diversity of God’s Kingdom in the Martyrs

    Diversity of God’s people

    Ministry stalls before AGM

  • Testing out our origami skills as we get ready to share the story of Luke’s Gospel with 120 children from Shaftesbury School today!


    Shaftesbury School Visit

  • It was a wonderful evening. Loved the dancing and will never forget how delicious the biryani was. Thanks to Martyrs Church.

    Guinevere David

    Biryani & Bhangra

  • It was so lovely to celebrate Easter Sunday a the service along with 180 adults and 30 children of so many cultures and backgrounds.


    Easter Service