Sunday Clubs


The summer term is here! What will we discover this term? Don’t miss it!

There are groups for children and young people during the 10:30 Sunday Service, with the first Sunday of each month being an altogether family friendly service. 

THE ARK (ages 0-2’s)

The Ark is a special space for our 0-2’s and their grownups to play, relax and make friends. All ages belong in our big church family. Stay for as little or as long as you like. The Ark is in the main church building and has the service relayed.

THE RAINBOW CLUB (ages 3-5’s)

Rainbow Club is for 3- 5’s. Rainbow Club children have fun with Bible stories, singing, prayers, making friends and playing together. We learn that God made us and loves us, Jesus is our friend and we can be his friend too and we are part of God’s family the church.


Ketchup Club is for 5-11’s (Y1-Y6). We explore the important and exciting things God has to say to us in the Bible. We play games, have stories, ask questions, sing songs, eat biscuits, pray, make stuff and more… We learn that God loves us, we can have an everyday friendship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit can help us live for Jesus and we are part of God’s big family the church.


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Church of the Martyrs


Church of the Martyrs

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