Support one of our link Dioceses in Tanzania!

Please donate via the Leicester Diocese giving page and Gift Aid if you can

Leicester Diocese is linked with Kiteto Diocese in Tanzania. Healthcare here, in one of the poorest countries, is a huge challenge. About 1 in 100 people in Africa are blind, that's 4x higher than the UK and much of this is easy & cheap to prevent. The challenge is one that the Church in Africa does not shy away from. Kiteto is no exception and has run an Eye Clinic in Kibaya, the centre of Kiteto Diocese, for many years now. The need is becoming more urgent as existing staff near retirement and more are needed to expand the work into more than treating eye problems.

We want to raise money to pay staff wages for one year, (after which the government will fund them), money for equipment, completing staff housing and transport for the clinic's outreach work. We are looking to raise £7,500 in the first instance.


Pictured is Sister Sara conducting a community outreach education session in a village called Kazi Ngumu (which means Hard Work; it's hard work to live there as it's so dry & dusty). She's talking about preventing & treating trachoma, a common infection that causes blindness by damaging the eyelids, so they progressively turn inwards and scar the cornea by scratching it. It's literally having multiple eyelashes in your eye... permanently.

Ever since the Apostles in Jerusalem asked St Paul to 'remember the poor' (Gal 2:10) he was concerned for equality between Christians in different parts of the world. (2 Cor 8:13). Those of us fortunate in lockdown to have retained our income, have found ourselves spending less and so may have more to give! Now is an opportunity to practise the generosity Paul encourages by supporting our church family abroad in their mission to their local community.

Please donate via the Leicester Diocese giving page and Gift Aid if you can


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