Notes Talk Theme
15 Jul 18 podcast   "Ephesians: Plan for a Glorious Life" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Ephesians
08 Jul 18 podcast   "Speak up! Jeremiah and the New Covenant" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Speak Up!
01 Jul 18 podcast   "Speak up! Jeremiah and the Exiles" talk: James Gould Speak Up!
24 Jun 18 podcast   "Speak Up! Jeremiah and the False Prophets" talk: Shayne Ardron Speak Up!
17 Jun 108 podcast   "Speak Up! Jeremiah and the Figs" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Speak Up!
10 Jun 18 podcast   "Our Mission is... for Extraordinary People" talk: David Shepherd Our Mission is...
03 Jun 18 podcast   "Speak Up! Jeremiah and the Shepherds" talk: Richard Worsfold Speak Up!
27 May 18 podcast   "Our Mission is... Doing Something for the Needy" talk Ben Willis Our Mission is...
20 May 18 podcast   "Our Mission is... A Western Thing" talk: Sharon Andrews Our Mission is...
13 May 18 podcast   "Our Mission is... To Save the World" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Our Mission is...
06 May 18 podcast   "Speak Up! Jeremiah at the Potter's Shop" talk: David Shepherd  Speak Up!
29 Apr 18 podcast   "Jesus says: Go" talk: Shayne Ardron Jesus Says
22 Apr 18 podcast   "Jesus says: Follow me" talk: Mike Dampier Jesus Says
15 Apr 18 podcast   "Jesus says: Come to me" talk: Richard Worsfold Jesus Says
08 Apr 18 podcast   "Life and Peace" talk: James Gould  
01 Apr 18 podcast   "Love Wins" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Easter Day
25 Mar 18 podcast   "Toppling Giants (4): Discovering Strengths and Weakness" talk: Nigel Rostock Toppling Giants
18 Mar 18 podcast   "Toppling Giants (3): Ttrading Comfort for Glory" Shayne Ardron Toppling Giants
11 Mar 18 podcast   "....and the Greatest of these is Love" talk: Gareth Hutchinson  
04 Mar 18 podcast   "Worship in the Every Day" talk: Richard Worsfold  
25 Feb 18 podcast   "Toppling Giants (2): Rejection" talk: Mike Dampier Toppling Giants
18 Feb 18 podcast   "Toppling Giants (1): Fear" talk: David Shepherd Toppling Giants
11 Feb 18 podcast   "Revelation Churches: Comfortably Numb" talk: Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy Revelation Churches
04 Feb 18 podcast   "Worship: Our Offering to God" talk: Ben Willis  
28 Jan 18 podcast   "Revelation Churches: Spiritually Idle" talk: Sharon Andrews Revelation Churches
21 Jan 18 podcast   "Revelation Churches: Culturally Compromised" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Revelation Churches
14 Jan 18 podcast   "Revelation Churches: Truth Without Love" talk: Richard Worsfold Revelation Churches
07 Jan 18 podcast   "Worship: My Offering to God" talk: Shayne Ardron & Ben Willis  
26 Nov 17 podcast   "Weeping with God: That we may be One" talk: Ben Willis Weeping with God
19 Nov 17 podcast   "Weeping with God: As Individuals" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Weeping with God
12 Nov 17 podcast   "Weeping with God: As Church and Nation" talk: David Shepherd Weeping with God
05 Nov 17 podcast   "All Saints all Sinners" talk: Richard Worsfold  
29 Oct 17 podcast   "Jesus: Opens the Way to the Father" talk: James Gould Jesus
22 Oct 17 podcast   "Jesus: Makes it Personal" talk: Shayne Ardron Jesus
15 Oct 17 podcast   "Jesus: Key to Scripture" talk: Richard Worsfold Jesus
08 Oct 17 podcast   "Super God 6 - Superpower God" talk: Mike Dampier Super God
01 Oct 17 podcast   "Super God 5 - Super Abundance" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Super God
24 Sep 17 podcast   "Super God 4 - Co-incidence or God Incidence" talk: Nigel Rostock Super God
17 Sep 17 podcast   "Super God 3 - Super Vision" talk: Gareth Hutchinson Super God
10 Sep 17 podcast   "Super God 2 - Glimpses of Glory" talk: David Shepherd Super God
27 Aug 17 podcast   "Esther - The Highflier Remembers Her Roots" talk: Gareth Hutchinson and friends  
20 Aug 17 podcast   "The Honest Thief" talk: Mike Dampier  
13 Aug 17 podcast   "The Fishermen Battered by the Waves" talk: John Tonkin  
30 Jul 17 podcast   "Nicodemus and Joseph Stand up for Jesus" talk: David Shepherd  
23 Jul 17 podcast   "Abigail - The Crisis Manager" talk: Richard Worsfold  
16 Jul 17 podcast   "Lydia - The Travelling Businesswoman" talk: Shayne Ardron  
09 Jul 17 podcast   "Titus 3: Saved for Good" talk: Mike Dampier Titus


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