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I'm Nina, and I'm one of 11 people who volunteer for Money Matters Leicester. Why? Because we are passionate about living out the Christian life by helping those in debt.

We've seen firsthand the stress, the shame, the guilt, the despair that dept can create. We've heard about the struggle to put food on the table, the health breakdowns, the suicide attempts bourn of the struggle.

So often our clients have been worn down by the constant struggle just to keep going. Every day they are bombarded with demands for payments they can't afford from strident creditors, who seem to think it's ok to treat them not as people, but as objects.  Who think it's OK to harass until they pay up in desperation, often resorting to further high cost credit to do so.

It's a huge relief to our clients when they realise that we help anybody and treat everybody with respect.  One client said 'You were the first people who listened to me'.  Another said 'You did not see the colour of our skins, or where we came from - you saw us as people,’ and 'You are our angels!'.

We know that Christmas can be especially hard for people already struggling with we want to help out with a little something special for the people and families we’ve been working with – a food bag with essentials and treats and a simple recipe booklet. Could you help us to provide these? You can donate on and search for Christmas Food Bags.  Even the smallest donation will make the difference to a local person in need this Christmas.

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Saturday mornings 9.30am to midday. Join us for a cooked breakfast 

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