A thing you can use to help you see if there is a power cut, but also a place where young people are helped to see Jesus. Ok, a bit cheesy? Sorry, but that is sort of what TORCH is about.

We meet on Sunday nights during term times at the Vicarage, with leaders Steve and Kathy Bradley, Amy Rutland and Elijah Cherny. 

On a Sunday evening we spend some time chilling out and some time talking about what it is like to be a Christian when you are 14-18 in Leicester. It is obviously tough, and we want to help everyone experience what Jesus meant when we said he came so that we, ‘could have life, and have it to the full.’ We also meet for social events, like bowling, lazer quest and movie nights – they are not so spiritual, they are just fun!

The young people summed it up pretty well a few weeks ago when they decided on a slogan. They said TORCH is about, ‘Exploring faith together, while eating food and having fun.’ 

So that’s it, food, the bible, discussions, movies, bowling and all in all a good time.

Oh, and this summer we are planning to join with 1000’s of other young people at a festival called Soul Survivor.


Next 2 Week

Tue 18th Feb 7.00pm
ALPHA COURSE - registration required

tom4Sat 22nd Feb 9.30am to 11.30am

Tue 25th Feb 7.00pm
ALPHA COURSE - registration required

Thu 27th Feb 10.00am
SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL - for babies, toddlers and carers

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