Quips and Quotes

  • Canon Andrew Raby: "The representatives of this meeting (PCC) view with much regret the renewed attempt to open the Western Park Golf Links on Sunday. If successful it would lead up gradually to establishing the continental Sunday in our country, a condition that would mean a serious moral, economic and social loss to the country." – from Parish Magazine, 5 February 1929.
  • At the Church’s 70th anniversary service Bishop Ronald Williams said that The Martyrs was "the church of the cheery faces".
  • Canon Raby said of a Curate: "He is very good but he has this Nottingham accent".
  • In January 1891, the church was insured for the sum of £3000, in 1960 it was £46,000 and is now £2,250,000.
  • The enormity of the great influenza epidemic in the autumn of 1918 can be gauged by the fact that the December 1918 Magazine records the funerals of 53 people at the Martyrs during the month of November, as opposed to a norm of around six.
  • The following church appointments were made at a meeting held on 11th August 1890:
     Mr C N Wright Organist £30 per annum
   Mr J H Curtis Verger £14 per annum
   Mr O Smith Bellringer two shillings per week
   Mr T Smith Organ Blower one shilling per week
   Mrs Kirkland Cleaner three shillings per week


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