Breakfast alternate Saturdays 9.30am

We are sorry for cancelling all sessions of Tomatoes Breakfast due to Coronavirus. We want to keep everyone safe and follow the current guidelines. Please keep visiting this page and/or our Facebook page for further announcements.

So...what happens at Tomatoes?

A cooked breakfast with lots of tea and real coffee.

tom4Newspapers & live music – a real variety of styles

Time to meet new people, relax with friends, reflect on a short talk or just enjoy the space                                        

Tomatoes is a real community where everyone from the Westcotes area is welcome.

Children enjoy special activities.

Go on – be brave and try it.

Come and go as you want during the morning.

Bring friends and family with you.

Tomatoes is made by our lovely volunteers,Tomatoes regulars and church members


COME ALONG - 9.30am till 11.30 noon




2020 - Dates
January - 11th & 25th
February - 8th & 22nd
March - 7th & 21st
April - 4th & 18th
May - 2nd, 16th & 30th
June - 13th & 27th


We ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the breakfast. As a guide:
Adults - £1.00
Children Over 7 - 0.50p
Children 7 & under - Free


Our focus is on building relationships, growing in faith and being church in our local community. Making friends and getting to know our neighbours is all part of what makes Tomatoes special.

So come and try out Tomatoes, bring a friend or family member– maybe you might like to get involved.

If you want more details then you can contact Dave at Tomatoes on a Saturday or

Dave Seaman email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Regular Activites: 
SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL meeting in Church face to face

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