Shake Rattle & Roll

Join us from 10:20ish on Thursday mornings  on-line at Church of the Martyrs Facebook during this stay in time. Shayne will be doing a mini Shake time with our prayer, song, and a story. It's a live video but the post will be left there for you to join in with when its helpful for you.

 Due to the current COVID19 virus we have cancelled our physical group meeting until further notice but join us on Facebook Church of the Martyrs instead.

Please stay safe. If you can get fresh air do so, away from others. Create some kind of routine to each day and week to give structure to the time you have. If you can't get out have some active play as well as quieter play. We look forward to meeting with you all again hopefully before too long. Love and prayers from all of us. 

We aim to welcome everyone and have fun, often laughing at our selves. Join us for a chat, to play, to sing, shake our shakers, to pray. Drinks and snacks are provided. Cost is by donation, we would rather meet you than have your money.

We start to pack up around 11:30 or when we realise the time. Come anytime you can, arrive late, leave early whatever you can make. We'll try to create a happy space to relax in.

The group is for babies and toddlers and who ever is looking after them! We've had Mum's, Dad's, Grandma's, carers, childminders, friends, all are welcome. If you can't come this time remember us for another time. God Bless.

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