The Martyrs is a church where a great deal of pastoral care goes on – between friends and from the support given within home groups. Much of this care is discreet and reflects the caring nature of our church life together.

The Pastoral Team continues to meet regularly, every fortnight if possible. The team currently comprises Gareth Hutchinson, Gwyneth Moor, Pete Coopey, Margaret Farrell and Liz Coopey with Katherine Hawker and Helen Creigh joining us for the termly evening pastoral team meeting.

The team considers the known needs of the congregation – including those who are no longer able to attend church services and are probably not known to the majority of those who do. Support is given in a discrete way and is never meant to be intrusive.

We encourage newcomers to join us for the termly bring and share lunches organised by the social team for the whole congregation, as they provide an excellent opportunity for newcomers to get to know church members and find out more about what goes on at the Martyrs.

The team is concerned to make Home Communion available to people who are housebound – if you know of anybody who would like this please contact one of the team.

A group called “You and Me” runs once a month and offers mutual friendship and support.

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