Children at The Martyrs

Welcome to the Children’s pages on our website. Here you can find out about our Sunday Clubs, kids and family events and contact us with any questions.

We are excited to be launching brand new Sunday Clubs for our 0-11’s in September 2019.

All our groups are committed to helping children learn about God, being a friend of Jesus and the Bible in an age appropriate way that promotes children and families journeying in faith individually and together.

Leaders and helpers work as part of a team, have a DBS and are trained in safeguarding.

The Prayer vestry in Church provides a space for those with babies who want to feed and care for little ones while still being able to hear the service. The main parts of the service are shown on a screen.

For more information please contact Irene
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Regular Activites: 
SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL meeting in Church face to face

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