You and Me Friendship Group

Last Monday of the month 2.00pm - 4.00pm.

In 2013 the Church hosted a course called the ‘Way to Life’ and out of this came something we decided to call ‘You and Me’. ‘You and Me’ is a social group with the specific aim of fostering friendship.

Friendships - relationships with people who are not family - can sometimes be overlooked in churches, but are potentially a very enriching part of our lives. Friendship crosses all boundaries of age, class and gender - and sometimes friends can be the best people in our lives.

On occasion the church can very good at fostering family, but not so good at supporting friendship. As was pointed out at a recent service, those who are not married can sometimes feel excluded or isolated: they might feel the church is one happy family and that they don’t belong.

‘You and Me’ provides one response to this need, and so for the last few months some of us have been getting together to have fun, to chat, to play music and sing, and generally just to foster friendships. We have been meeting once a month and so far we have eaten cakes, chatted over tea, played board games, done quizzes, discussed different topics, listened to poetry and sung songs with a live guitarist. Who knows what else we might do?

If you’re around in the afternoons you are very welcome to join us. Whether you have children and want some time out, or whether you haven’t, and don’t - whether you like music or poetry or board games or tea and cake, or if you just want a chat - pop in! Or alternatively for more info, ccontact the Church Office.


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