Reclaiming our true humanity

How do we respond to the indiscriminate bombing of children and young people in Manchester and in Syria?

Well, as we have seen, one response is with random and multiple acts of love and kindness:  taxi drivers rescuing stranded survivors; local residents offering refuge to anyone; emergency services working till the point of exhaustion; thousands taking part in candle-lit vigils; £1 million raised in 48 hours for victims and survivors.

Then again there are also so many whose instinctive response on Twitter and elsewhere has been simply to commit to pray, in some cases perhaps for the first time in years.

And, whether alone or in company of others, there has also been the emotional response, that of shedding tears, millions upon millions of them.

Weep, pray, love. And so many will have done all three.


These are responses that capture what it means to be truly human - not cold blooded hatred.

These also are the responses that were found in the life of Jesus, who wept at the grave of his friends, prayed forgiveness for his enemies and exhausted himself in loving acts of healing and of drawing people close to his Father in heaven.

Richard Worsfold


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