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‘Guardians of Ancora’ is the name of this year’s J-Team children’s holiday club. For four mornings from Monday 10th April we will be encouraging up to 60 primary age children to imagine that they are Guardians in the ancient (imaginary) city of Ancora.

1704img2The task of the Guardians will be to recover some of the lost treasures that will reconnect the people of Ancora with the great stories of the Bible and bring light back to the city through having a relationship with Jesus.

Ancora may be an imaginary world but that task of guarding the treasure of the Gospel is at the heart of living as a Christian.

This, for example, is the charge Paul entrusts to his young apprentice Timothy:

‘Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you – guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us’ 2 Timothy 1:14

Our prayer life, when we draw upon the help of the Holy Spirit, is perhaps the most important means of guarding the treasure of the Gospel in us.

When we simply ‘come to the Father’ and enjoy in Spirit-filled prayer and worship the gift of grace to us through Jesus’ saving death and resurrection, we too are guardians of that good deposit of truth in us, keeping it fresh and alive for passing on to others.

The truths we focus on in these coming weeks, of Jesus’ death for us on the cross and his resurrection that defeated death and the power of sin, are a precious deposit. Let’s take time to guard them well in prayer and worship this month.

Richard Worsfold


Holiday Club

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