We are simply a group of people trying to live out the Christian life.

First, we follow Jesus, because we’ve found him to be the way to a fulfilled life, knowing God as a loving Father who accepts us as we are and delights in our praises.

We want to be up front and open about how fantastic that is; but we also want to be honest that there’s also so much in life that we’re still trying to figure out.

Secondly, we want to be an outward-looking community, encouraging everyone who joins us to discover and share with us the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given them.

And thirdly, recognising that in the end everything we have comes as a gift from a generous God, we want to be generous in attitude and action. In all of this we take the Bible seriously as our handbook for life, praying for each other to be good news for the people we meet.

For a summary of these values click here.

We are also a very active group of people. We get out into the community with the good news of Jesus, whether as Street Pastors on Friday nights around the West End or through our Saturday Tomatoes breakfast or Primary Concern school assemblies.

We run home-grown courses, like The Way, to help people know and love God.

We are passionate about working for justice in God’s world, with both Justice Mail and the Just Shop founded by Martyrs members.

For a summary of our mission statement, click here.

We believe that a healthy church needs to be one that is both bringing good news and also being good news. At the Martyrs we’re trying to get that balance right; and it may be that you can help us in that by getting involved yourself.



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Saturday mornings 9.30am to midday. Join us for a cooked breakfast 

2018  Revised Dates
January  13th & 27th
February  10th & 24th
March  10th & 24th

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