Notes Talk Theme
23 Apr 17 podcast   "Easter People: The Disciples" talk: Richard Worsfold Easter People
16 Apr 17 podcast   "Easter People: The Women" talk: Nigel Rostock Easter People
14 Apr 17 podcast   "Its Friday - Good Friday Reflection" talk: Richard Worsfold Good Friday
09 Apr 17 podcast   "Comming to the Father - At the Time of Trial" talk: Davis Shepherd Coming to the Father
02 Apr 17 podcast   "Coming to the Father - As a Local Community" talk: Richard Worsfold Coming to the Father
26 Mar 17 podcast   "Celebrating Worldwide Mother Church" talk: Shayne Ardron  
19 Mar 17 podcast   "Coming to the Father - Throug the Mediator" talk: Rev Dr Tom Wilson Coming to the Father
12 Mar 17 podcast    "Coming to the Father - The Low Points" talk: Susan Leighton Coming to the Father
05 Mar 17 podcast   "Coming to the Father - So Much Choice" talk: Richard Worsfold with help Coming to the Father
26 Feb 17 podcast   "Coming to the Father - The High Points" talk: Shayne Ardron Coming to the Father
19 Feb 17 podcast   "BE-attitudes for the Church: Loveing the Unlovely" talk: Richard Worsfold BE-attitudes
12 Feb 17 podcast   "BE-attitudes for the Church: Truthful" talk: Richard Worsford BE-attitudes
05 Feb 17 podcast   "The Secret Life of...." talk: David Shepherd  
29 Jan 17 podcast   "BE-attitudes for the Church: Respectful" talk: Mike Dampier BE-attitudes
22 Jan 17 podcast   "BE-attitudes for the Church: Accountable" talk: Shayne Ardron BE-attitudes
15 Jan 17 podcast   "BE-attitudes for the Downtrodden" talk: Richard Worsfold BE-attitudes
08 Jan 17 podcast   "Jesus Baptism" talk: Nigel Rostock  
25 Dec 16 podcast   Christmas Day "A Stable View" talk: Susan Leighton Christmas Day
24 Dec 16 podcast   Midnight Communion "A Doorway to Heaven" talk: David Shepherd Christmas Eve
24 Dec 16 podcast   Crib Service "The Wise Men" Crib Service
18 Dec 16 podcast   Carol Service "Making Room for Jesus" talk: Richard Worsfold Carol Service
11 Dec 16 podcast   "A Distant Hope" talk: Helen Hayes  
27 Nov 16 podcast   "The Experience of Peace and Security" by Tony Leighton  
20 Nov 16 podcast   "LIVING the WORD: Rewards of Faith and Trust" by James Gould LIVING the WORD
13 Nov 16 podcast   "LIVING the WORD: Receiving Help in Time of Trial" by David Shepherd LIVING the WORD
06 Nov 16 podcast   "LIVING the WORD: The Greatest Sory Ever Told" by Nigel Rostock & Richard Worsfold LIVING the WORD
30 Oct 16 podcast   "The Harvest is Plentyful" by Bishop Martyn Snow  
23 Oct 16 podcast   "A Gracious Invitation" by Richard Worsfold Parables of Grace
16 Oct 16 podcast   "Grace Not Reward" by Mike Dampier Parables of Grace
09 Oct 16 podcast   "Overflowing Grace" by Andrew Nutter (Leicester Diocese)  
02 Oct 16 podcast   "Count Your Blessings" by David Gilbert  
25 Sep 16 podcast   "Rock Solid" by Shayne Ardron  
18 Sep 16 podcast   "Little Wisdom Goes A Long Way" by John Fryer  
11 Sep 16 podcast   "Learning To Be Little" by Richard Worsfold  
04 Sep 16 podcast   "Let the Little Ones Come to Me" by David Shepherd  
28 Aug 16 podcast   "Philippians: Staying in Touch" by Shayne Ardron Philippians
21 Aug 16 podcast   "Philippians: Sharing Generously" by Richard Worsfold Philippians
14 Aug 16 podcast   "Philippians: Celebrating Jesus" by Sharon Andrews Philippians 
07 Aug 16 podcast   "Philippians: Keep Focused on the Goal with Jesus" by James Gould Philippians
31 Jul 16 podcast   "Philippians: Knowing Jesus" by Nigel Rostock Philippians
24 Jul16 podcast   "Philippians: For the Love of Jesus" by David Shepherd Philippians
17 Jul 16 podcast   "Philippians: Humble Like Jesus" by Simon Rowbory Philippians
10 Jul 16 podcast   "Philippians: A Heart for Jesus" by Richard Worsfold Philippians
03 Jul 16 podcast   "Philippians: Sharing Jesus" by Shayne Ardron Philippians
26 Jun 16 podcast   "Philippians: Partners in the Gospel" by Richard Worsfold Philippians
19 Jun 16 podcast   "Kingdom Currency 4: H M Revenue" by Simon Rowbory Kingdom Currency
12 Jun 16 podcast   "Kingdom Currency 3: God or Mammon" by Mike Dampier Kingdom Currency
05 Jun 16 podcast   "God’s People on the Move" by Sharon Andrews  
29 May 16 podcast   "Kingdom Currency 2: Investments" by Shayne Ardron Kingdom Currency
22 May 16 podcast   "Kingdom Currency 1: Savings" by Simon Rowbory and Testimony from others Kingdom Currency
15 May 16 podcast   "Jesus in the Garden: A Parting Gift" by Richard Worsfold Jesus in the Garden
08 May 16 podcast   "Jesus in the Garden: A Parting Prayer" by David Shepherd Jesus in the Garden
24 Apr 16 podcast   "Jesus in the Garden: A Parting Command" by Simon Rowbory Jesus in the Garden
17 Apr 16 podcast   "Living Easter: The Fellowship" by Richard Worsfold Living Easter
10 Apr 16 podcast   "Living Easter: The Faith" by Shayne Ardron Living Easter
03 Apr 16 podcast   "Living Easter: The Facts" by Sharon Andrews Living Easter
27 Mar 16 podcast   "Easter King Forever" by Richard Worsfold  
20 Mar 16 podcast   "The City Rejects Jesus" by Davis Shepherd  
13 Mar 16 podcast   "Kingdom Come: Now You See It" by Shayne Ardron Kingdom Come
06 Mar 16 podcast   "Knowing Me, Knowing You" by Simon Rowbory  


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April  1st, 15th & 29th
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