The Longest running Primary School Ministry in Leicester and Leicestershire

John Fryer has now stepped down from his involvement in Primary Concern to take up a full time post in children’s and families work in Groby. The management committee of Primary Concern, along with the Church of the Martyrs PCC, are extremely thankful for John’s wonderful and exemplary ministry over the past 25 years in primary schools across the city and county of Leicester-shire.

At present the work of Primary Concern in primary schools is on hold, whilst the management committee review future possibilities.

Any enquiries at this time may be directed to the vicar of the Church of the Martyrs, Richard Worsfold.


pcmainJohn Fryer began working as Primary Concern in 1994, going to primary schools to do exciting and fun filled assemblies using puppets and telling Bible stories.

In 2001 The Church of the Martyrs brought the work under the church’s ‘wing’ and John visited some 59 primary schools across the city and county.

Mr Scrappy (John’s main puppet friend) and his puppet pals have become part of the lives of thousands of children over the years and have brought Christian assemblies to where they ought to be – an exciting and ‘want to be there’ event in the school day.

But, also, from the schools' point of view they have always helped to reinforce teaching points (so Ofsted have been usually impressed!).

We also hosted visits to The Martyrs church building for several school groups each year.

In his final issue of the Primary Concern news John wrote:

25 years on…

  • Approx. 180,000 children have seen me,
  • Mr. Scrappy and friends in action (not to mention the staff!)
  • 59 different schools visited – some for more than 20 years!
  • Countless holiday clubs, services, training events, camps and afterschool events
  • Over 50 visits to Martyrs church by school groups
  • Thousands of miles driven
  • All corners of the city and county and countless churches visited
  • Helping the Diocese of Leicester with children’s work (including a ‘secondment’ as Children’s Work Advisor)
  • Amazing and faithful support from people around the UK and beyond!
  • Production and sale of Jesus and Me Kids songs CD (still available!)
  • Becoming part of, Children Worldwide and Prayer for Schools
  • Had a joint worker (Karen Berry) for over 2 years
  • Mentoring of a CYM student
  • Led training on use of puppets, schools work and children’s work in 7 different Dioceses

…AND most importantly, told countless Bible stories to illustrate many teaching points to at least TWO generations of children! (some are now teachers and parents!)

WOW – what a GREAT God we have and how humbling to write all that down here and reflect back on it. What a privilege!



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