At The Church of the Martyrs we believe that:

  • Healing is a feature of faith today and is not confined to historical occurrences.
  • Healing is biblically based and demonstrated in the Old and New Testaments.
  • Healing should be an integral part of church life and not an occasional “add on”.
  • We need to pray in faith and in accord with God’s will and not tell God what we think He should do.
  • We need to genuinely surrender those we love to God and place all things in His hands.
  • Prayer can change situations and God can do and does do far more than we expect.
  • Healing does not automatically lead to spiritual growth.
  • All sorts of people can be used as instruments by God.
  • Healing is to glorify God and not humans.
  • We should always encourage people to seek medical help, take their prescribed medication etc.
  • Issues that people bring forward are confidential

Prayer for healing should be a natural part of any church and many people pray for each other as a natural act of their faith. We offer Prayer for Healing as part of a service of Holy Communion on the second Sunday of each month at 10:30am.


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